Marketing Support

Our services go beyond providing investment. As regards marketing, we believe that success depends on an appropriate brand architecture aligned with and informed by the business growth strategy.

The essence of marketing is to identify and capture ‘who you are’ and ‘what you do’ presenting to potential customers. Marketing is a complex time consuming part of your business. This can be a challenge to cover effectively in-house especially with the rise of social media.

Applying MTI’s business operational skills and experience, we can help you develop, introduce and execute a clear marketing strategy.

When growing a start-up, product is not enough. Marketing the product is at least as important.

What MTI can do for your business –

  • Analyse and formulate your requirements
  • Design and implement a marketing strategy and delivery plan
  • Create a unique company brand
  • Develop a leading website that stands apart from all others
  • Connect with people