Executive Consultancy

The MTI team has decades of relevant hands-on experience in all aspects of growth-phase technology businesses. That experience is both on the operational side and on the investment side. The support that MTI brings to companies adds value which goes beyond investment, and contributes significantly to success.

That experience is both on the operational side (including senior roles as CEO, Executive Chairman, CFO, VP Sales, etc) and on the investment side (Investment Manager, Investor Director, NED etc). In addition since 2008 the team have built and refined a “gold standard’ model for University Technology Commercialisation Funding.

The MTI team is thus able to provide consultancy services either in the form of strategic advice or by way of part-time/interim executive roles to growing technology business.

Recent proposals and/or engagements include:


  • European University TTO 1 for partner commercialisation fund creation and fund manager selection
  • European University TTO 2 for partner commercialisation fund creation
  • US University 1 for partner commercialisation fund creation


  • UMIP TTO (UK) – Head of Graphene Commercialisation: part-time Executive
  • Finsbury Worldwide Healthcare Trust (UK): Non-Executive Director
  • Renephra (UK): part-time interim CEO
  • SLIPS Technologies (US): part-time Executive Chairman
  • UK technology business: part-time CFO


University of Manchester TTO (UMIP): Executive Services in Graphene IP commercialisation

This assignment led all commercialization activities in the Nobel Prize winning field of graphene and 2D materials for the UoM in the period 2013 - 2015, reporting to the CEO of UMI3 (UoM’s commercialization company). Executive Services included:-

  • IP identification and screening
  • Commercially focused patent strategy and implementation
  • Establishment and management of technical projects to develop IP
  • Commercialisation strategy development
  • Licensing
  • Joint development project establishment
  • Business planning

These services secured for the client a globally leading IP position in Graphene, a £1m IP development project with Morgan Advanced Materials PLC, a UoM strategy/plan for graphene IP and several individual IP development projects with commercialisation plans.