Dr. Mark Rahn

Investment Partner

Mark is an experienced Venture Capital Investment Manager and interim executive.

Since 2008, Mark has led the Manchester operation for the renowned UMIP Premier Fund, innovating in IP management, funding and incubation processes, including the highly successful Proof of Principle investment program at the University of Manchester. In addition, through investment and board directorship with both MTI and EV Group, Mark has played leading roles in the creation of a number of now well established High Growth Businesses bringing game changing electronic, environmental and health technologies to market.

As an interim executive and entrepreneur Mark has led business operations in the fields of advanced materials and medical devices, and for two years led the IP operation for The University of Manchester in the Nobel Prize winning field of graphene, arming it for successful exploitation and bringing it to a position of international IP leadership.

Prior to 2001, as a scientist, Mark has made important contributions to the fields of laser physics, optoelectronic materials and femtosecond spectroscopy.

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