A key unmet need in modern healthcare is the need for real-time, point-of-care infection monitoring.

MicroBioSensor is a medical device company developing disposable point-of-care safety monitors for detecting microbial infection.

Microbiological monitoring is especially important for long-term users of medical devices. Medical device use is one of the highest risk factors for nosocomial infection, affecting nearly 2 million patients and killing approximately 90,000 annually in the US alone. At risk groups include patients with chronic wounds, such as diabetic leg ulcers, or those requiring long-term invasive medical device intervention, such as kidney dialysis patients.

Microbiosensor Ltd is addressing this need for improved infection monitoring head-on, by offering the market unique, robust and inexpensive diagnostic solutions. Our devices provide continuous safety monitoring, enhancing patient care by allowing earlier intervention than is currently possible. This will improve treatment outcomes and ultimately help in the fight against multi-drug resistance, by improving the management of the remaining arsenal of effective antibiotic drugs.