Arvia Technology

Water treatment process

Arvia supplies advanced tertiary wastewater treatment systems to reduce hard (recalcitrant) COD as well as remove colour and persistent organic micro-pollutants such as emerging contaminants, endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic compounds to ensure water quality is compliant with local wastewater discharge regulations or perfect for reuse and zero liquid discharge.

This water quality is achieved through Arvia’s patented technology which combines the advantages of adsorption and advanced oxidation within a single unit. There is

  • No by-product formation
  • No wastewater or sludge generation
  • No chemicals used

    The technology regenerates the adsorbent in-situ offering a low maintenance and low operating cost system.

    It is perfectly suited for a wide variety of waste streams within pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing industries or municipalities and much more.