Media Arvia Technology Ltd secures £3.8m investment to develop its nuclear and water business using its organics destruction technology.

1 April 2012

Arvia’s existing investor MTI Partners, investing out of its UMIP Premier Fund (UPF), two new investors Sustainable Technology Investors Limited (STIL), Park Walk Advisors and a number of smaller existing shareholders have invested £3.8m in an all-equity deal.

Arvia Technology is a University of Manchester spin-out company that has commercialised its technology to destroy organic substances that are either dissolved or dispersed in water. The company has made great strides developing its application to destroy radioactive oils, in collaboration with Magnox at Trawsfynnyd Power Station. Radioactive oils are difficult and often impossible to treat and at present are often simply stored, which is not a sustainable solution.

Arvia Technology is also performing a number of field trials in the municipal, industrial and swimming pool water markets, with its partners. In these water markets Arvia’s technology offers a low energy, chemical free and waste-stream free organics destruction solution.

This investment enables Arvia to grow its business in both of these activities, each representing a substantial commercial opportunity. Jim Totty and Gordon Lawson will join Mark Rahn as investor directors on the Arvia board.