Exosect - Independent study shows Entostat formulation enables up to fourfold increase in efficacy of synthetic active ingredient

Research shows significant increase in effectiveness of Pirimiphos-methyl using Entostat lean formulation platform
10 May 2016

The research1, independently carried out by Professor Christos Athanassiou at the University of Thessaly, in Greece studied the effectiveness of Entostat, in its dry format, as a delivery platform for Pirimiphos-methyl applied to grain. Efficacy was tested against a range of stored product beetles and compared with Actellic, the commercial EC formulation of Pirimiphos-methyl2. Results showed that seven days after treatment, the Entostat formulation was up to four times as effective as Actellic when applied at the same concentration of active ingredient. The study also showed that progeny production was consistently lower with the Entostat formulation.

Dr. Aoife Dillon, Chief Technology Officer at Exosect comments, “This is exciting data as it shows that the Entostat platform could be used to either increase efficacy of a current concentration of active ingredient or could provide current levels of efficacy but at significantly reduced concentration.”

Dillon continues “Pirimiphos-methyl is from an old class of insecticides which is currently at risk of regulatory removal. This data proves that Entostat can be used to reduce the regulatory burden whilst also providing product differentiation and patent extension. It adds to the growing portfolio of data that demonstrates the effectiveness of Entostat as a lean formulation platform for synthetic and biological active ingredients in dry and wet formats.”

Study author, Christos Athanasiou comments, “From the data we can conclude that an Entostat formulation could be used to reduce the amount of Pirimiphos-methyl applied to stored grain. We also found that the formulation did not affect flour, bread or pasta making properties”.

Exosect news item: https://www.exosect.com/news/news-detail.aspx?id=100