Exosect scientists demonstrate increased longevity of pyrethroid foliar application

Optimising pesticide delivery using Entostat formulation technology - data being presented at Crop Protection Conference
17 May 2016

The research studied the effectiveness of Entostat, in a wet format, as a delivery platform for the synthetic pyrthethroid, Deltamethrin. The reformulation using the Entostat platform was compared directly with a commercial formulation of Deltamethrin at comparable loading levels. The formulation was applied, in spray form, to Chinese cabbage and its efficacy was tested against Plutella xylostella (Diamond Back Moth). Results showed that 46 days after application, the Entostat formulation provided a 20% increase on mortality compared with the commercial standard.

In her presentation, Kristi Thomas noted, “the results show that Entostat continues to be effective for at least 46 days after treatment. By using an Entostat based formulation a grower could either apply less Active Ingredient or reduce the number of applications to a crop and still achieve comparable levels of control”.

Exosect Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Aoife Dillon, commented “Following independent research recently published by the University of Thessaly, which showed that a dry, Entostat based formulation, provided a four-fold increase in efficacy of Pyrimiphos methyl, the data presented today on Deltamethrin adds to the growing body of evidence that Entostat is a game-changing formulation platform for developing and delivering sustainable synthetic and biological agrochemicals in wet and dry formats”.

Exosect news item: https://www.exosect.com/news/news-detail.aspx?id=101