OE-MRI breakthrough in cystic fibrosis

9 September 2016

Bioxydyn collaborators Thomas Frauenfelder and Katharina Martini of University Hospital Zurich recently demonstrated that dynamic oxygen-enhanced MRI (OE-MRI) is able to provide equivalent information to X-ray CT in the evaluation of cystic fibrosis. The work, presented at the European Respiratory Society meeting in London on 4th Septmber 2016, shows that dynamic OE-MRI parameters observed in the lung using Bioxydyn's Pulmolux software are strongly correlated with the radiological CT Brody score, which has been show to be sensitive to exacerbations and in some cases to have value in predicting the likelihood of exacerbation. This important work shows for the first time the potential clinical utility of Pulmolux and dynamic OE-MRI in cystic fibrosis and paves the way for routine non-ionising functional imaging in this disease.

Bioxydyn news link: http://www.bioxydyn.com/news?article=38