MTI Investee Fuel3D launches SCANIFY at 2015 International CES

1 January 2015

Panasonic Eco Solutions will introduce its Green Tower comprehensive energy solution for cellular tower and Wi-Fi hotspot sites at the Mobile World Congress, taking place March 2-5 in Barcelona, Spain. Panasonic and its partner,PowerOasis, will unveil a Lithium Ion-based hybrid power solution, combining Panasonic's powerful Lithium Ion battery and solar technology expertise with PowerOasis' industry-leading telecommunications energy management platform.

Panasonic's solution targets cellular towers operating on legacy infrastructure and demonstrates how they can be retro-fitted with solar energy generation and advanced energy storage equipment. Green Tower offers the tower operator the benefits of energy efficiency, reduced operating costs and enhanced reliability. The system is designed for a range of telecommunications sites having loads that range from 50W to 3kW, and is easily deployed in off-grid, unreliable grid or on-grid locations as either a primary or back-up power solution.

"Panasonic is driving a paradigm shift across the industry through its comprehensive energy solution and its Energy-as-a-Service model, offering telecom carriers the ability to finally address energy and operating costs with an innovative solution," said Jamie Evans, who leads Panasonic's U.S. Eco Solutions business. "The Green Tower energy solution concept marks a shift from traditional static power infrastructure to efficient, remotely managed systems that reduce costs and create new profit centers for wireless carriers."

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