MTI Investee EXOSECT'S proprietary platform technology successfully delivers pesticide at fifty percent reduction in concentration, research shows

1 June 2015

Exosect Ltd., a leading provider of enabling technologies, today announced that Exosect’s Research Scientist, Freya Scoates, will be presenting key data on the successful delivery of deltamethrin and pirimiphos-methyl formulations at rates half that of conventional formulations, by using the Entostat platform.

The presentation will be taking place next week at the IOBC* conference on Integrated Protection of Stored Products, to be held in Zagreb, Croatia June 28th – to July 1st 2015. The results to be presented were taken from a series of studies where, by using an Entostat formulation, control of three significant grain pests was achieved using half the rate of pyrethroid in conventional formulations, and without the usual synergists required for a pyrethroid. Dr. Aoife Dillon, Exosect’s Chief Technology Officer comments

“These studies further demonstrate the breadth and versatility of the Entostat platform in efficiently delivering synthetic and biological active ingredients. For the post-harvest grain and commodity storage sector, regulatory control and insect resistance are key concerns and the availability of tools for Integrated Pest Management are limited."

"Therefore, our work on delivering lower concentrations of pyrethroids added to the earlier developments we have made in delivering Beauveria bassiana, (the Bb38 project), which is currently undergoing EU regulatory review, offers significant potential in providing this sector with a suite of synthetic and biological tools”.

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