MTI Investee EXOSECT - Optimising the delivery of synthetic and biological chemistry offers the post-harvest storage sector new possibilities

1 July 2015

The 10th Conference of the IOBC Working Group on the Integrated Protection of Stored Products was held in Zagreb last month. Scientists from around the world presented a range of studies in relation to Stored Product Protection. Three of these presentations focussed on the novel reformulation of current chemistry and one presentation discussed the ongoing development of a new biological control for insects in stored grain. Using Entostat wax as the delivery vehicle was the common theme across each of these three presentations.

The protection of stored food ‘post-harvest’ like most other sectors of the food supply chain is under pressure from three key drivers: consumer pressure to reduce residues, the consequent regulatory controls which remove traditional chemistry from the growers tool box and thirdly, insect pest resistance. These drivers have left this sector with limited options for pest control and with few alternatives in the pipeline

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