MTI investee ARAGO Technology Ltd secures investment

1 June 2013

Arago Technology Ltd (Arago) has secured a £325k investment round led by MTI Ventures (“MTI”). The investment from MTI’s UMIP Premier Fund (“UPF”) was alongside investments from The University of Manchester, EPL Composites Ltd, the inventors and an angel investor.

Arago is bringing to market new products to the Power Transmission and Distribution industries to increase the capacity of existing electricity overhead lines and reduce the footprint of new ones. The power transmission network in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world is becoming capacity constrained and urgently needs new technology solutions. Arago’s insulating cross-arm technology allows the attachment of conductors directly to the end of the cross-arm without a vertical insulator, which leads to a more compact tower design. It is also retrofittable, which leads to capacity upgrade capability using existing towers.