MTI graphene investment wins major joint development agreement

1 August 2014

Today, Morgan Advanced Materials PLC “Morgan” and the University of Manchester (UoM) announced a major collaboration aimed at scaling up a new process developed by UoM for manufacturing graphene. That process was the subject of a Proof of Principle investment from the UMIP Premier Fund (UPF), managed by MTI Ventures, in July 2010, before the award of the Nobel Prize to scientists at UoM for their work in measuring the ground-breaking properties of graphene.

The partnership between Morgan and UoM will explore the full potential of graphene, with a particular interest in understanding and optimising the relationship between the manufacturing process and the materials science.

Dr Mark Rahn, Partner at MTI Ventures, commented “It’s been a privilege to be at the center of graphene IP and commercialisation at UoM, the home of graphene, since before 2010. We see the UoM making significant strides in the development of near-term commercial applications for graphene related materials and their applications and MTI continuing to build investment value around the commercialisation of graphene”.

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