Exosect granted EU patent for liquid sprayable formulation

Liquid sprayable formulation patent granted for the delivery of insecticides.
26 May 2016

Entostat is a proprietary micro-powder, based on natural and/or synthetic waxes and has electrostatic properties. It is a formulation delivery platform for a wide range of synthetic and biological active ingredients. It enables a significant reduction of active ingredient with equivalent or improved efficacy. Importantly, the Entostat formulation behaves similarly to a conventional suspension concentrate and can be sprayed using standard agricultural spraying equipment. Furthermore, the constituents of Entostat are listed on FIFRA’s 25(b) list of inert ingredients that can be used in pesticide products that are exempt from regulation.

The electrostatic properties of Entostat enable adhesion of active ingredient to a range of surfaces including grains and seeds, insects and foliage and building fabrics.

Andrew MacNaughton, Exosect’s CEO comments “We are consistently asked about the potential of using Entostat in a wet, sprayable formulation particularly for the reformulation of generic and orphaned molecules. The addition of this patent to our growing intellectual property portfolio is key to enabling our partners to develop, novel differentiated formulations and proprietary products.”

Exosect news item: https://www.exosect.com/news/news-detail.aspx?id=102