Fuel3D brings 3D scanning eyewear developments to IOFT

IOFT Booth 5-54, New Sfered mirror scanner to be trialed with retail opticians
2 October 2016

“We are excited to attend IOFT as we look to bring our 3D scanning technology to the Asia-Pacific markets,” said Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel3D. “Fuel3D is determined to develop technology that is ubiquitous and applicable in all markets to help drive growth in customization.”

Fuel3D and Sfered recently announced a new mirror-based 3D scanning system to support the deployment and fitting of custom eyewear.

Combining the image capture capabilities of Fuel3D’s advanced 3D scanning platform with Sfered’s custom eyewear systems, this is the first 3D scanner for the eyewear sector to be incorporated into a mirror. The 180-degree scanner is being tested in select optical retail locations in Europe over the summer period, with full retail availability of the system expected by the end of 2016.

The incorporation of the scanner into a mirror places the technology ahead of other emerging facial capture systems.

“When people look into a mirror, they relax, straighten up and focus much more naturally than if they are looking into a camera, which means that the scanner collects more accurate data for custom eyewear fitting,” said Peter Tutuarima, CEO, Sfered. “We have worked closely with the team at Fuel3D to bring this new scanning system to market and we are looking forward to demonstrating the benefits that next-generation facial scanning can bring to the custom fit process.”

Key product elements include:

  • Highly accurate facial scanning that allows opticians to collect all metrics required for fitting of eyewear and production of custom fit eyewear in a single scan.
  • High speed 3D capture that collects facial data in 0.1 seconds, allowing data capture of: pupillary distance; nose bridge width; facial width; and distance to ear (for glasses’ arm length data)
  • Access to a wide range of frame data held in Sfered’s frames database, allowing opticians to virtually fit frames to customers for an enhanced customer experience.
  • An open platform that allows frame manufacturers to upload their catalogs for virtual fitting of frames.

Leveraging its proprietary 3D scanning platform, Fuel3D works with organizations to develop 3D data capture solutions that help address specific market opportunities and works with third party enterprises to create new products and services. This system provides the company with further access to the lucrative eyewear sector, which is projected to reach $165bn by 2022, and will support Fuel3D’s development of a 270-degree scanning system, which was announced earlier this year and is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 SME programme.

During IOFT, Fuel3D can be found at Booth 5-54.

About Fuel3D
Fuel3D’s technology captures accurate 3D geometric data and colour in sub-0.1 seconds. This enables the company to deliver innovative applications of 3D data into disruptive new products and services. Fuel3D’s proprietary algorithms and software, combined with its solutions consulting and hardware development expertise, create substantial advancements across multiple market sectors, ranging from laboratory research and eyewear to advanced neuro surgery and healthcare applications. Fuel3D has operations in Oxford in the UK and San Francisco and Greenville in the USA.

Fuel 3D new link: https://www.fuel-3d.com/blog/2016/10/02/fuel3d-brings-3d-scanning-eyewear-developments-to-ioft/